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What is YourMind?

YourMind is an intelligent digital platform for self-guided psychotherapy built on internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT). Our mission is to enable low-threshold access to psychological treatment in order to prevent mental illness. ICBT is an approx. 10 year-old well-validated treatment form that is comparable to regular CBT through physical appointments. Through YourMind a client chats directly with his/her therapist whenever symptoms are experienced and our algorithms identify patterns from the conversations. This way substantial time- and cost savings are made both for the client and therapist. With a cost-efficient pricing model we aim to drastically improve existing solutions and the accessibility of psychological treatment.

Why is YourMind needed?

According to the National Board of Health and the Public Health Agency investigations, mental illness is on the rise. Workers and students are faced with pressure to perform at high levels leading to an alarming increase in the need for psychological services that do not meet the demands. Municipal mental health services have long waiting times and are failing on many levels. In the private sector, independent psychotherapists’ websites can be unclear and confusing, creating more hurdles to overcome when seeking help.


As we live in a society characterized by tough competition, stress and high demands, we want to offer a service that makes it easy to find mental help and guidance. We want to offer everyone accessibility to the best quality care to improve the quality of life in the entire Nordic region.


16% of the Swedish population experiences impaired mental wellbeing.

Mental illness is strongly increasing, especially in the young population. This is a disconcerting prognosis for their future mental well-being.

Up to 50 % of Swedish primary care visits are mental health related.

This is an alarmingly high figure when health care already is overloaded.

According to the WHO 800 000 people globally pass away due to suicide each year.

Suicide is the leading cause of death for men aged between 15-44 in Sweden. It is a complex public health problem but it is preventable. (Zalsman G, Hawton K, Wasserman D, van Heeringen K, Arensman E, Sarchiapone M, et al. Suicide prevention strategies revisited: 10-year systematic review. Lancet Psychiatry. 2016;3(7):646-59.) .